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Evelyn SIlva before and during

“I ❤️ Optimum Body Fitness!! They always keep you going! Great Instructors & the workouts are no joke!”

-Evelyn Silva




Ralph Silva before and during“If your looking to get a killer fun workout, this is the place. Awesome instructors, great motivation. They want you to reach your goals just as bad as you do. Very family oriented and fun atmosphere. It’s addictive!!” 

-Raphael SIlva



“Incredible, motivating and HIGHLY dedicated trainers! They will help you get in shape in a fun group setting! Lots of equipment, great music and fun people to be around!”  -Morayma Shaeffer

“Amazing class! The only bootcamp that truly helps prepare you for Crossfit and challenges you all the way.”  -Daisy Brock Muenzer

“I’m one of those guys who were relunctant to come at first. I figured I hit the gym for 2-3 hours a day and what more could I do? Boy was I wrong. These high intensity workouts will get you to where you want to be no matter what level you’re at. Work with a great group of motivated people will keep you coming back and push you further than you ever could yourself. The trainers are well educated and highly motivated. Vinny does morning classes and Kevin does nights. Both stress form and technique and don’t cheat… they will push hard, they want to make sure you’re getting the most of your work out! If you truly want to get your “optimum body” go sign up! You wont regret it!”  -Hieu Le

“Amazing workouts and instructors.  They definitely push you to your maximum capacity plus more.  35 minute workouts that make you feel like you ran 10 miles and squatted the world!”  -Jeremy Jones

“Fun and energizing sessions with great instructors motivating you along the way :)” -Bernice M

“I don’t like exercise at all but working with these trainers who are so positive and encouraging makes it very worth all the effort and energy.  I love the family like atmosphere too!” -Natalie Desir

“Very motivated and encouraging group of trainers.  You really challenge yourself, I can’t wait for the results!  I am going to tell all my friends to join.” -Keturah Corneille

“First of all, I love the fact that there are the same trainers with you every step of the way.  They push you to do your best and sincerely care.  I wouldn’t get half of the workout going into a regular gym facility for an hour like I do in the 35 minute session.  Also, it’s a great community of friends all wanting the same results.  I’m hooked and after a full day of teaching, it’s a great release after work.  It’s life changing for me and I’m looking forward to getting stronger as the weeks progress!!! Optimum Body Fitness totally fits my life style and I would definitely recommend it to all my friends!” -Terri Guiang

“The best workout you will ever have!!!  I have been a runner all my life and Optimum Body Fitness has put me on a whole new level.  My life has been less stressful and even healthier since I have joined Optimum Body Fitness.  The workout is short and very effective.”  -Mariah D’Eramo

“I LOVE OPTIMUM BODY FITNESS!!!  Amazing place with the most dedicated trainers!!  The workouts are amazing and you see results immediately.  The trainers are always there to encourage you with a positive atmosphere.  I would highly recommend Optimum Body Fitness to anyone and everyone!!” -Katie Tunnell

“Being active my entire life, i played sports throughout my high school career. In college I still worked out in the gym but with no real goal or vision. Since switching to functional training at OBF I’ve lost 20lbs and stronger than ever. Now I want to pass that same success onto our members -Chris Shaeffer

Mike Mathura before and during

“I have been going to Optimum Body Fitness for the past 2 months.  Vinny and Kevin are awesome, motivational trainers and have helped me lose about 30 pounds so far!  I was 230 lbs and now I am 203 lbs! I’m halfway to where I want to be!  They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, helped me strive to excel in every work out, encouraged me to push myself to my limits, and most of all I gained an AWESOME new fit family.  Thank you for helping me change my lifestyle and transform my body!” -Michael Mathura

“Optimum Body Fitness has energetic, motivational trainers who know what they are doing and help you get fit in the healthiest way!  I’m a mom of 7 and feel the BEST I have felt in my life!  I use to love running but now I never get bored with all the fast paced routines set to great music.  If you want an amazing workout that constantly works your core, legs, AND arms in a short amount of time, this is THE place to be!!” -Marsha Sutherland

Tiffany Stuart before and during

“I moved down here from Idaho and didn’t know anyone and was welcomed open arms into this amazing group of dedicated, fit individuals.  I lost 9 lbs and got super toned in ONE MONTH because of the awesome instructors and now feel awesome hanging out at the pool!”– Tiffany Stuart


“Best classes ever!!!” -Christina Contos

“The trainers are amazing, classes are motivating, all fitness levels work together perfectly so everyone gets a great workout.  I signed up with a GROUPON to drop a few pounds four months ago and I have no plans on leaving.  If you want to be a part of a fit family this is your place!” -Rebecca Coty

“Absolutely amazing, supportive atmosphere and the trainers are great!  I leave each day knowing I worked hard and will reach my goals!” -Channah Zapotoczny

“You can expect your body to be in the BEST SHAPE of your life after working with this amazing team!!  They stress the importance of technique before anything and the positive atmosphere will only add more years to your life as well as life to your years!  These trainers are so passionate about fitness you can’t help but become passionate too!” -Heather Voorhees

“Absolutely amazing!  The trainers are completely supportive and they truly know what they are doing!  Ever since I’ve been going I can totally tell there’s a different in my strengths and abilities!  And even when I don’t think I can I have the most positive support from the members and trainers!  Love OBF!” -Sarah Richards

“No better place to find a great environment with dedicated, motivating trainers.”  -Joey Soto

“Outstanding workout! Congrats to Kevin and Vinny you two are making a difference in people’s lives! I’ll definitely be back!”  -Shavon Thomas

“Optimum Body Fitness is an AMAZING workout facility! Kevin and Vinny are great instructors and very motivating! This place is definitely worth checking out!”  -Liz Sikes

“Love the atmosphere and energy!! Kevin & Vinny are awesome! Great job guys!!! I definitely will be back!!”  -April A.

“One of the most determined and hard working young men making this place from the ground up! Instant success.”  -Michael Rummel