Trainer Tips: Staying Focused

liftingHave you ever went into the gym and just weren’t feeling it that day? Maybe the workout wastough, or a long day, and you don’t even know why you came. We have some tips for you that might help you break that slump and get the drive back to stay on it.


Tip 1: Change your workout

Maybe you’ve been doing a routine you like, or comfortable with, and its getting stale. Try changing it up, use different equipment or even change sets and reps.


Tip 2: Workout buddy or group

It’s hard to bring yourself into the gym everyday and stay focused unless you are a very self-driven person. Try a group class or find a friend to workout with.


Tip 3: Set goals

If you haven’t set goals, you need to anyways. They help you measure your progress instead of just a guess that you’re getting stronger. Set monthly, weekly, and even daily goals to stay focused.


Tip 4: Reward yourself

Been eating healthy all week and working out? Have a little cheat meal or even a rest day. Go out to the beach or hang out with friends, after all, why work on an awesome beach body if no one sees it?

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