Meet our Member of the Month Daisy M. Daisy has been a member of OBF since we opened in 2014. She has done a great job of staying fit and active and growing along with us. Dealing with a few injuries choosing fitness and a healthier lifestyle rather than a quick fix and constantly growing and becoming healthier and stronger in her fitness journey.




How did you become a member at Optimum Body Fitness?

  •  I became a member when you guys first opened. I used to train with Kevin and Vinny before they started OBF and loved their style of training so much I followed them when they opened OBF in 2014.

What are your goals at Optimum Body Fitness?

  • I want to keep my strength and overall health. Being healthy isn’t something you can do once and never again, you have to stay active and workout if you want to be healthy.

How is Optimum Body Fitness different from other gyms?

  • OBF is different because when I come it’s always challenging and different. Since the workouts change every day its never boring and with the different exercises it makes you have to be better each time you come in.

What do you love at Optimum Body Fitness?

  • What I love most about OBF is the passion behind the trainers. You guys but a lot of effort into the workouts and push us and can accommodate and modify anything if you need it. I’ve been to a lot of gyms but I love how much you guys help each person where they’re at.

What would you say to people considering trying out Optimum Body Fitness?

  • I would tell anyone you’d be a fool not to try it. If you really want to be fit and actually stick with it and come and push yourself everyday you will see a change. I’d be willing to bet a month of membership on it!